Saved By the Bell

I met up with my producer, Shawn a few days ago to talk about the possibility of creating a new TV show after sending over the proposal. Shawn and I are on a comfortable 'good-friends' level, having known each other from my days as a TV host for one of this entertainment shows.

"Well, let's have the meeting at my place. I just moved in a few months ago, you've never seen it!" He said. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't feel comfy going to a guy's place for a meeting, of all things, and Papi would never allow it either but we've known eachother for years so it's okay.

Enroute to Shawns, Brad calls me. Should I pick up? Maybe I should play hard to get. So far, I've been available at every beck and call and text of his. Desperate me, I pick up.

"Hello, Jade speaking."

"Hello Jade Speaking. It's Brad Speaking," came the charming, husky voice on the other end. Fuckkkkk, that just turned me on so bad, I thought. I pictured him in his jeans, denim shirt and Ray Bans and felt my juices flowing.

"So, here's the deal. I've got you two tickets to Tara's concert next week. I want to see you so I can give 'em to you...in person...preferably a few hours before the concert," Brad hinted. Hell yes, I said, I'll meet you wherever. I didn't care if I sounded eager or desperate, all I wanted was this man's cock, deep inside me, thrusting hard and having one of the most powerful men in the country dominate me in bed.

"Good, I look forward to seeing you."

"Me too. Thanks for the tickets. Talk to you later, gorgeous."

I hung up, parked the car and headed on up to Shawn's place. My legs felt like jelly, after realizing that I had just made plans to fuck another man. I managed to make it up the stairs and found Shawn sitting at his computer.

"Hey you! How goes! Love the new digs!" I exclaimed. Shawn's loft looked awesome, very Manhattan, with brick walls, exposed ceilings and hardwood floor. The perfect bachelor's pad.

I ran over to Shawn and gave him a big hug. It felt good to see an old friend. Every guy I've met so far has only wanted one thing.

"I'm doing well, you look great! Can I get you a drink? Should we order dinner or something?"

I had no idea we were going to have that kind of a meeting, I told Shawn and instantly felt bad. It would've been fun to connect over dinner and discuss ideas for the new show.

"Maybe just a water. I promised Papi I'd be home to make him dinner"

Shawn walked into his kitchen and filled up a glass of water while I walked around poking and prodding at his stuff. I picked up a cherry wood frame of a picture of him and some lanky-looking girl.

"My new girlfriend. It'll be ten months next Friday. I'm taking her to Cancun," Shawn said, walking over with my water. He leaned in close to me and kissed me on both sides of my face. "Good to see you babe".

"You too," I smiled and let out a deep breath. My mind was clouded with Brad, the kiss at the airport, the sexy text messages, the forthcoming rendez-vous....

"What's wrong? You seem troubled. You can tell me! Spill the deets!!!"

Shawn ran over to his couch and excitedly patted out a spot for me, waiting for beans to be spilled.

I shook my head, smiled at him and obliged. "You're not gonna be impressed when you hear this," I told him. Then I launched into it. All of it about Brad Scott, up to the very last convo I had with him before I arrived at the apartment.

"And you know what? All this is happening because I'm a crazy horndog." I finished.

I looked up at Shawn, and his mouth was dropped to the floor. Then a wicked smile formed across his face. Creepy, I thought, but kinda...kinky. I instantly knew where he was going with this.

"Jade, trust me. It's normal. I fucking love having sex. I love pussy, I can't get enough of it. All I want is to have pussy in my face and I could eat it all day," Shawn confessed. Ok this isn't exactly what I'd had in mind when we talked about having a production meeting, I said but I certainly felt a whole lot better.

"So what should I do?"

"So what are you planning on doing? Him? Isn't he dating Tara McCann!?"

"Uh yeah. Like, exclusively, so I have no idea why he's still interested in me."

"Well, what about your huzzzzbaaannd..."

Right-o, I'm a married lady now apparently. Apparently. Married. Fuck, back to reality.

"Yeah I guess I shouldn't do anything. I mean, if I were single it'd definitely be a different story but..." I trailed off.

"But? You know I still have that footage...dya wanna see it?" Shawn reminded me. He had his cute mischievious grin on his face. The footage. The three minutes of kinky bliss we had in the editing room, in the between recording voiceovers for our latest shoot and writing out intros. Flashbacks of Shawn's tongue flicking across my nipple while he groped my breast firmly with his other hand filled me with an intoxicating deliciousness of horniness. It would've gotten heavier had it not been for my raging conscience telling me not to fuck up my then, new relationship with Papi four years ago.

I bit my lower lip and playfully punched his shoulder. I suddenly had a huge urge to fuck Shawn, with the same intensity and ferocity that he had about eating pussy.

"Nooway...I'm totally not ready to see that!" I moved away to the other side of the couch and Shawn crawled up beside me, looking me right in the eyes.

He's so sexy, with his full lips and big brown eyes, all tanned and wavy brown hair. He reminds me of hot Twilight-esque werewolves. I could take on a pack of his kind, I thought to myself.

Shawn, being an inch away from me now, gently placed one hand on my thigh and the other on the back of the couch and leaned in close to me. Too close. His scent was intoxicating, a mix of musky masculine colonge, hair gel and fresh laundry. I looked into his gorgeous brown eyes and lifted my chin up with a false sense of defiance, breathing in deep and spreading my legs open as I shifted my weight and leaned further back into the couch. Shawn edged in closer now and touched his forehead to mine, his right hand creeping further up my thigh while his other hand gently caressed my face.

"Jade, I waited four years for this..." He whispered into my ear and started kissing behind my earlobe and slowly down my neck, a delicious sensation that made my nipples hard and my breasts swell.

I looked up at the ceiling, half trying to enjoy this real-life fantasy and half trying to find an excuse to get up and leave. Anything. Any fucking reason right about now that'll stop me from getting on top of him and fucking his brains out and letting him pound me viciously hard and deep from behind.

"My goodness, I am going to be in a lot of trouble you know..." I trailed off. It felt too good and that was a shoddy attempt at pretending not to want this.

"Mmmm hmmm,"

Still kissing my neck and collar bone, Shawn reached behind me and undid my bra with one hand and started caressing my breasts, groping a handful, squeezing firmly and releasing as he made his way on top of me. I felt his big, hard bulge through his khaki slacks and ran my fingers through his hair when...

DING DONG...DING DONG... DING DONG. Papi's personalized doorbell ring on my Blackberry saved the day.

"OMG, it's him. I have to go pick him up from work," I exclaimed. This was also true -- amidst the fooling around, I had lost track of time and I was 20 minutes overdue.

"Awww shit, are you serious?"

"Yeah...sorry...I guess we'll have to...um...pick up where we left off for the meeting?" I laughed. Shawn laughed too, thankfully and he helped me gather my things and walked me to the door.

"So let's touch base next week and work something out. I'll try and book us a board room for the first session."

A boardroom. I've always wanted to fuck on a boardroom table.

"Sure, sounds good!" I chirped, and headed out the door.

Saved by the fucking bell.


Sexting with the devil

So it's been weeks now, and the billionaire and I have been sexting back and forth. Lesson learned: sexual tension is best created and served via text messaging.

It's also the best way to avoid lackluster phone conversations, and I learned that after the first three phone convos we had. All Brad wanted to do was have phone sex, but I told him no, mainly because I'm never home alone and secondly, he doesn't know this but, I just don't believe in phone sex. It's a little out there for me. Something about moaning and sexually pleasuring myself to an open phone line just doesn't cut it.
I can't wait to slide your big hard cock inside me, feeling you thrust deep and hard until you're ready to explode inside me.

He texted back about how badly he wanted to be inside me, about how much he wanted to eat me out and play with my clit and all that fun stuff. How dirty and sexy at the same time, I thought. He's 56, I'm 28. It's so bad its good. And it's been going on for some time now, despite the fact that I told him I was married and the fact that I read about his new high-profile singer girlfriend, Tara McCann in the gossip blogs and saw them both interviewed about their new relationship on Entertainment Tonight.

"So, when will I see you again?" I asked. He called me up one night as I was going for a quick jog.

"Well, Tarah's putting on a concert in three weeks in your neighbourhood. I'll be town. Maybe we can meet up then?"

Sounds good, I told him. We exchanged a few more dirty words and hung up, feeling even more horny than ever.
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