Introduction to Pheromonally Gifted

As I pulled into the parking lot of the big, medical building and parked my car, self-doubt and second thoughts filled my head. Am I actually going to go through with this? Am I actually going to confess everything that I can't share with anyone else to a complete stranger? Is this actually going to help me get over my problem?

I stroll up to the fourth floor of the building, give the friendly receptionists my name and take a seat in the waiting room. Nervously, I grab the nearest magazine and pretend to flip through, all the while, taking in the sights and sounds of the therapists office.

A lot of young couples walk in and out of the various rooms, some with a new baby in tow, others who are expecting and every so often, an older couple. Is this what happens after you have kids, I wonder, does everything start to suck so bad that you need to seek the guidance of a complete, yet highly qualified, stranger?

I made an appointment to see one of the best sex and marital therapy psychologists about two weeks ago, right after I came back from a wild weekend away in Seattle and realized that hormones, pheromones, alcohol and my commitment-phobia mindset needed to find a happy medium, an agreement, a place where they could all happily exist and not wreck havoc on my personal life. My relationship with my hubby. My mind.

What would I ask her? What would I talk about? More importantly, where the heck do I start???

How do you talk to a therapist about being horny 24/7? Fantasizing about having sex with practically every half-decent looking guy you meet and interact with? On top of that, how do you manage any of those things when you're a newlywed?!

This blog is a tell all of my life, being pheromonally gifted. Stay tuned for more posts.
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